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De - Siderio

The word Desiderio is composed of the Latin prefix 'de-' meaning ’lack of‘ and the word 'sidus' which means ’star‘. To desire something literally means ’to lack stars‘ / to ’feel a lack of stars‘, or, in other words, to feel that something is wanting and therefore foster a sentiment of passionate seeking. Desiderio (Desire) is what moves our souls and keeps us constantly curious, in the passionate and very human research for connection and beauty. Now, more than ever.

Art Direction - Studiopepe
Video Direction - Variante Artistica
Spoken words - Acelya Yonac
3D Art - Terzo Piano

Life in Vogue | Alcantara

On the occasion of #lifeinvogue 2021, in collaboration with the design duo Studiopepe we've been asked to make a series of short films.
A journey around an ideal meeting room, a place for dialogue, our seven films describe the relationship between the opposites of astrological signs.
Here's the specific contribution for our main partner Alcantara, representing the relationship between human being and craft making.

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